PAUSE is a down-to-earth and interactive personal growth program. PAUSE offers opportunities for families, churches, schools, community organizations, meetings and conferences, private companies, government agencies, or any gathering to take a step back and breathe. Now living in a world fully immersed with technology and noise, PAUSE offers you a time to reflect, re-group, and refresh. This will be accomplished through motivational talks, personal reflections, large group sharing, ice breakers, team building, and more. PAUSE does not focus on being on-stage, but rather, walking the same floor as those whom they are engaged with. PAUSE can facilitate gatherings ranging from religious retreats to professional development events.


PAUSE is facilitated by a local family, the Delgado’s, led by the eldest sibling, Kevin. Kevin has conducted over 100 religious, personal, and family retreats and talks. He has experience working with people of all ages, serving as director of various programs, working directly with children, teens, college students, adults, and senior citizens. Kevin also served on various councils and boards, and has volunteered countless hours to assist with many non-profit organizations and charitable causes. Leilani, the oldest sister in the family, assists individuals, organizations, and businesses with learning more about PAUSE, and is the keeper of the calendar. She is the voice of PAUSE. Nathan contributes to the PAUSE experience by creating an environment that is conducive to the theme through music, lighting, and sound. Other family members can be present to assist in setting the tone as well.


PAUSE will take away the burden of in-house personnel planning an event of this nature. In doing so, even the usual in-house planners can take a pause too. The approachable and relatable team from PAUSE will facilitate the planning, executing, and evaluating of the gathering. The team will provide inspiration from life experiences. They will help those present in identifying their gifts and motivate them to use these gifts to grow personally. When an individual “has,” then they’ll have more to share. This will impact you.


That is entirely up to you. PAUSE can do simple ice breakers and team building activities – they can do an interactive talk for an hour – they can facilitate a themed half-day or whole-day experience – or they can plan a weekend retreat. You determine the need, then PAUSE will work with your timeframe.


The cost will include the planning, executing, and evaluating of your gathering. A sound system will be provided if needed. Mood lighting, music, props and materials for activities and games will be provided, and handout copies and writing utensils can come with all this too.

We all agree that the world is going way too fast, and we may be losing sight of our goal. In these days, we may even be losing ourselves because of our goals.

Let’s take a step back – PAUSE – then, let’s take a meaningful leap forward and move on.

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To learn more or to have PAUSE help you create an event, contact Kevin Delgado at (671) 689-6231.  You can also email Kevin at or by sending him a message below.

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